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Type in portrait or landscape mode on the beautiful full QWERTY keyboard. If you need to switch from text to talking, just press the familiar BlackBerry® phone buttons below the screen.
Text, email and surf with pinpoint accuracy, and use two fingers to select multiple items. BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphones combine advanced SurePress™ technology with exclusive SureType® technology, which learns your habits as you type.
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View pictures, video and more in over 65,000 colors on the spectacular, high-resolution 480x360 screen.Make 128 MB of flash memory go further by adding the included 1 GB media card to the BlackBerry Storm. Stretch 256 MB by adding the included 2 GB media card to the BlackBerry Storm2.
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Stay connected to voice and data when you travel overseas on your BlackBerry® Storm2™ 9550 smartphone with 3G and quad-band GSM® networks.
Browse and download quickly and reliably with the BlackBerry Storm2 on your home Wi-Fi® network or anywhere there's a wireless hotspot.1, 2
Open document and image attachments and edit Microsoft® Office files from your BlackBerry Storm smartphone from just about anywhere.3
The calendar, calculator, memos and task list work together to keep you organized.
With reliable voice dialing, mute, conference calling and built-in speakerphone features, you can be as productive on the go as you are at your desk.
Set up your smartphone, get battery saving tips, learn how to sync your music and more.
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